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Primary school of Rionero in Vulture

  The Learning Circle of Rionero in Vulture consists of three plexi of kindergarten and two plexi of primary school : Piano Regolatore and Maria Catenacci Rubino. Children attending kindergarten from three to six years and the primary school from six to eleven years. The headteacher Matthew Alfredo Bocchetti is the coordinator and the responsible for all activities of the circle.He works in collaboration with the administrative manager, the second teacher, the instrumental function, the leaders of plexus, chairs the college of teachers. In the Primary school there are 70 teachers which 5 of English-speaking , 3 Catholics, 8 support for children whith special needs. The primary school consists of 34 classes from which 10 of plexus Maria Catenacci Rubino and 24 of Plan Regulator. The organization prevailing is the school modular: two classes are being handled by three teachers who are divided teaching of various disciplines. One teaches Italian and image; other mathematics, science and education motor; the more history, geography, music. They are added the teachers expert on information technology, English and religion. In cases of children with special needs replaces the teacher support. The activities are carried out both in the classroom that in the various laboratory   

The activities 
  The school activities are organized according to essential mandatory curriculum (Italian, mathematics, history, geography, science, English, science, art, motor), which provides prescriptive objectives; the integrating curriculum (various projects and research); workshop activities. In classes at normal time (30 hours per week) begins teaching at 8.20 and closed at 12.50. There is one return afternoon during the week from 14.00 hours to 17.00 hours. Pupils have the opportunity to benefit from the school canteen.
In classes full-time (40 hours per week) begins teaching at 8.30 and closed at 16.30. The free day is Saturday. The canteen service is considered an integral part of the school day .
Both classes in normal time and in full-time is a recreation break in mid-morning. The time school is structured so that the activities of enrichment and extension of the training will be integrated with the activities mandatory. It is prevest an optional additional time for completion of projects


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  1. Maria, I studied your pictures and discovered that they had been prepared as a separate image and then placed into our blog.
    I like this composition so I’ll try to prepare the same for both Polish schools as an introduction 🙂

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