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Our world – our fears

It is difficult to establish if pupils think about their future as they do not talk about it a lot. Thoughts are hidden, somewhere deep inside.
I asked my 5th and 6th grade pupils to complete one part of the given chart , and discovered something unexpected. They say they like their school but on the other hand are afraid of problems that might occur (poor marks for instance). It is their last year at primary school,  which means,  entrance exams soon 🙂
Pupils are afraid of animals (dogs, cows and pigs) and car accidents (speeding cars). They worry about their favourite toys and sweet, not always being bought because of lack of money.


One Response

  1. Such fears at some point in their life ,it is usually considered to be a normal part of development.
    School age children normally have simple fears of separation, noises, falling, new situations (especially starting school) and bedtime in younger children, and social rejection, war, new situations…In children of all ages, fears may also increase during times of stress (new baby, moving, divorce, etc). They may also develop a fear after a triggering event, such as falling in the water, touching something hot, or being chased by a dog.
    We know that chlildren are concerned only for themselves but we have also to explore if they are mindful of wider local and global issues. Are their concerns a reflection of events in the media or are there some hopes and fears which are constant to their age?

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