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Hopes and fears for the future

Primary school Rionero in Vulture

View the slide of our work

Children expressed their hopes and their fears for the future with drawings

thumbnails :








One Response

  1. Very nice work Maria . I have tried to put the slide show of your gallery from flckr but unfortunately wordpress does not support the code for inline frames. When you have the time put more thumbs as you see in the example, Although it is easy to do , consumes time to put all images .
    The steps
    1 chose you image from flckr
    2 press see all sizes
    3 select thumbnail
    4 right click and select properties
    5 copy the url of the image and go to this post press edit and from add image icon in the menu editor paste the url to the small images window.
    Optionally you can select the thumb and from link icon in the editors menu add the url of the larger image that you will find following again the first step but chosing another image size this time. This will cause when click to a thumb to open the larger image in new window.

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