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A day with bees: excursion on Dolomiti Lucane


3 Responses

  1. Maria, it was an amazing excursion. Did children like it?
    In some of these pictures I could see special uniforms, white for teachers and yellow for children. Pupils look like small bees 🙂

  2. Great experience for teachers and children. Thanks for sharing this with our pupils.
    Maria perhaps you should think that when presenting content like photos would be easiest for you and page readers , to have control bouttons like next and back . Therefore the better way is to present your content in a slide show . Of course you can add music too. Video editing programs are better for presenting video motion while pictures contain more information and details so need to be still for some time. Fast turn in combination with so many transition effects dont help the pupils to hold in the right information.

  3. Thank’s for your suggestons. I will consider them for the future. For the moment I put some photo in the post, in this way your student can see better images

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