M.J. Tamsmaskoalle presentation

Let me introduce our school. The name of the school is M.J. Tamsmaskoalle. Maria Jacoba Tamsma was a teacher from 1935 till 1978. Our school is a rather small primary public school for children between the ages of four and twelve. Currently, 75 pupils attend the school. It is located in a village in the north of the Netherlands in a province called Friesland. This province has a rich culture and own official language, but the common language is Dutch. Education in our village has a long history. In early times education was a matter of the Catholic church. Between 1568 and 1648 the Netherlands was engaged in a war of independence with Spain. One of the driving forces behind conflict was religion; the leaders of the Netherlands backed the Protestant Church, while the Spanish supported the Catholic. In 1580 our province decided that the Protestant religion should be an important part of the curriculum. The teacher in 1580, Tomas Jellesz., became a protestant and could stay in office. This is the oldest record of our school. The school was a part of the Martinus Church and this situation lasted until 1832, when a new school was built. The oldest photo is taken before 1898 in front of the school. Our current building was opened in 1979. It’s a fine building with good prospects for our educational system. We have four combination groups (1/2, 3/4, 5/6 and 7/8). The sixth group will take part in the project. The group has nine children; four boys and five girls. Headmaster is Evert Sprenger and my name Halbe Hageman.


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