Romania’s ceramics tradition

Visiting a ceramic workshop

In Romania we have such antique and beautiful tradition in our region and is our duty to keep and to transmit them to the next generations.Ceramic pots are painted using natural obtained colors and they have different motifs, mainly geometrical, but there can also be found plants, birds and animals. The pottery can be used in alimentation, in decorative purposes, for various structures or for various ceremonies. The peasant house contains a wide variety of ceramics : pots, cruses, jugs, porringers, huge recipients where the food for religious ceremonies was cooked, vases, pans, skillets, statues, flutes, toys etc.The art of pottery is one of the most ancient Romanian crafts, as proved by the beautiful ceramic objects dating from the Neolithic era, the period of a blooming civilization and in that we learn our students about our hystory and life.


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