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At the end of School Year

The school is now finished,  sign of time passing inevitably and produces changes  about us and what surrounds us.
The term of the school year was marked in my school by a series of events that represent the conclusion of a course of study and work carried out during the school year : performances, exhibitions, speeches of gymnastics, tournaments minivolley. The variety of topics addressed  demonstrates once again the attention that my school lends to the different dimensions of personality of constituent children (playful, motor, manipulative, expressive, creative, logical) and its educational intent: to live the school as ” research centre “in which the student creates, tackles problems, develop hypotheses, seeks solutions, discovers,  cooperates but mainly grows cognitively and emotionally.

The end of this school year is special because there is a new event that will mark a turning point in the life of our school: The headteache Matthew Alfredo Bocchetti after 19 years of Management School withdraws retired.
At Our School Managers should be our dearest greetings with the hope to live his life quietly future.
Meanwhile I take this opportunity to wish to the schools partners and to all those who will visit this blog to spend a Summer full of Sun and Color.

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  1. very nice ceremony Maria Teresa. And your skills in video edtiting get better and better

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