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Bye bye blackboard!!!

In this lesson we have learnt how to present information and write an article. We used a news paper template to indicate that the attempt to write an article and the research was of great importance. For presenting thourgh web our news paper pages has been converted into jpg images in numbered order. Hint Click on thumbnails to see the large page and once again to see the actual size of paper


2 Responses

  1. A litle more information about this presentation.
    In my class i have to cope with student’s dyslexia so i encourage them to find any subject of interest. I preper a mutimedia presentation and then I take the advantage to expand in many subjects. For example if you print this pages you will make
    an english lesson (all pages)
    resolve problems that students may have with Time sequence(all pages)
    written and spoken language practicing(expressing opinions, introducing the article to parents or students writing a summary in their native language)
    talk about great scientists as Einstein
    discuss about museums
    about civics democracy and politicians(famous blackboards page)
    Geography (some places mentioned in the article)

  2. Feed back from Greek National Agency
    We really enjoyed your work on the blog. Looking forward to your next steps. With respect/Με εκτίμηση, NSS Ελλάδας: http://www.etwinning.gr eTwinning dot sch.gr (etwin)

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