Holy water

First day at school is known as Holly water Day

The mayor of the city  wished
pupils teachers and parents
a fruitful  school year

The preast used a branch of Basil  to sprinkle the water from aspersorium (is the vessel which holds the holy water and into which the aspergillum is dipped) in Pupils Parents and Teachers. 

1st Day at school

1st Day at school

In Anglican, Eastern Orthodox, Eastern Catholic, Roman Catholic, Old Catholic, Oriental Orthodoxy and some other churches, holy water is water which has been sanctified by a priest or bishop for the purpose of baptism or for the blessing of persons, places, or things. (more..in  wikipedia)


2 Responses

  1. For years I have been considering holly water as a ritual procedure till I ve seen a video which would make me think about its meaning. In this video, based on quanda theory , scientists discuss about the perception of reality . It shows through a microscope the moleculars of water in a glass and immidiately after compares them with water wich was “blessed ” with good words. The moleculars in the second bottle have different symmetric and equable form in contrast to not blessed water which is formed by uneven moleculars . The scientist wondered how this fact applies to human body which is 75% water and what impact could have to health

  2. The first day at school in Jaźwina was held on September, 1.
    All pupils, their parents and teachers gathered in a church to have a High Mass celebrated by a priest. It was something new for me just because it doesn’t happen in other schools. You should know, the Primary School in Jaźwina is a small village school and the local prist is a man of great heart. And holy water was used.
    It was something new for me just because it doesn’t happen in other schools.

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