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School Uniform debate

Developing our project , we have exchanged pictures and also a video conference with Italian school. What surprised me at first  was the uniforms  that children wear   and  the similarity to that we (Greek pupils) had used to wear years ago. This educational policy in Greek Public schools abolished in early eighties.
Rionero in Vulture school

Rionero in Vulture school

1o Dimotico Yiannitsa 1970

1o Dimotico Yiannitsa 1970

Indeed the debate about school Uniforms never stoped and nowadays is a flaming issue in many countries.

As I have read in news papers in July 2008 Education Minister Mariastella Gelmini proposed the re-introduction of grembiule in publich schools, promting a debate on the Italian press. 
After a small inquiry in Greek news papers I found articles about the issue that reaproach the extreme style of pupils in secondary education which tens to be in some cases provocative. (Το ΒΗΜΑ, 26/08/2001 , Σελ.: A36Κωδικός άρθρου: B13348A361 ID: 238238)
In The Journal of Education Research (Volume 92, Number 1, Sept./Oct. 1998, pp. 53-62) a study about the Effects of Student Uniforms on Attendance, Behavior Problems, Substance Abuse, and Academic Achievement, the authors found a negative effect of uniforms on student academic achievement. Uniform policies may indirectly affect school environments and student outcomes by providing a visible and public symbol of commitment to school improvement and reform.
In literature,  Poet and children writer Gianni Rodari, used to describe adults’ life as “a school without grembiule and school desk” (la scuola dei grandi)
From my school life , I remember that I hated wearing my uniform quite 10 years but after reading the lovely poem of Gianni Rodari I remember my uniform with nostalgia !
Zoe at school

Zoe at school


10 Responses

  1. Zoe,
    very interesting text.Your uniforme is beauiful, in my school time it was ugly, sinthetic one. We in Poland also discuss to have or not to have uniforms. The last decision of the ministry of education is that evry school should decided itself. We have decided to have dark blue vests.

  2. Personally I am not against the use of uniform in primary school. The student performs various laboratory and uniform helps to protect your clothes. In addition, children come from different social classes (rich, poor, etc.). The only clothing inevitably become a source of discrimination. The child who comes from a rich family wear clothes more beautiful and sumptuous; something that could not make the child from a poor family. You can imagine what would be the effects on the child’s psychological development and construction of the image of himself that the child would build. What would happen also in the family? The poor child would be competing with the baby rich and demand the same kind of clothing from his parents. Of course the differences related to social class they belong are not limited to only clothing but it is one of the most blatant.
    Naturally this way of conceiving the wearing of uniform is totally different from those who conceives the uniform as an expression of a political regime and subjection to a dictatorial political will

  3. Although I find cute children wearing their uniforms, I should notice that to drape an poor child in a school uniform will not change the fact that the child is poor. It only masks the poverty, To ignore poverty by simply dressing every child in a standard uniform simply does not achieve anything, it only makes it easier for school environment to ignore or forget that poverty exists, On the other hand ,school environment becomes an allegory for life in the real world, and the message is clear: everyone must look the same

    Ewa I think that its a good idea but its a pitty to put those beautiful faces in dark uniforms-:) I would prefer a navy blue for boys and pink for girls

  4. I do not think that the apron is a means to forget that poverty exists but it is a tool to avoid that the social differences arise as inequalities within the school

  5. Maria parcially I aggre with the concept of protected environment at least for kids at school but I believe we can do more than thinking that a uniform solve the problem. Many of our pupils face the social discrimination is many different ways in their life. We can take action on this by teaching and organazing activities related to this subject. On the other hand I didn’t notice extreme differences in clothes that kids and joung people wear nowdays. Jeans and shirts are their favorite dressing and even cost 5 euros or 100 , doesn’t make any difference as they have the same appereance.
    In addition private schools adopte uniforms whereas all of their pupils are from the “same” background . Just I wonder what is the reason in this case.
    Other facts that I remember from my school life 25+ years ago. Some pupils wear dirty and off -white uniforms whereas other prefered firmed by famous designers. What I mean by this is that whatever is the background of a pupil will be shown in many aspects in and out of school.

  6. i think that everyone that is in a school should wear uniform.it could safe their live.

  7. Some offensive messages has been deleted .

  8. I believe school uniforms should never happen in public schools….

  9. Good answers in return of this query with firm arguments and explaining the whole thing regarding that.

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