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“SeaSchool” Lesson plan

Some lessons give us the chance to integrate ICT in teaching and make learning easiest to achive.

I will present a lesson plan that  is advisable to such approach.

The objectives are first of all those that suggests the lesson it self as they are determined by the curriculum and are described in the teacher book. Together with them we can put our own which will help pupils to have a multisensory approach of the text , devolope computer skills and use help guides to solve problems.

The poem I have chosen  entitled


is plenty of seapieces and school objects. In genre it rings  a bell on Rodari’s style of writing and school uniform is mentioned also.


Vodpod videos no longer available. 
Explanation of Slides

Slide1.Introduction of poem and underline of words that make an image
Slide2.Work sheet (explanation of tasks). Preparing the sheet in the Ms word . Ask pupils to replace the underlined words with symbols that are integrated in ms office applications. Before this attempt they should read the manual that teacher created taking into consideration to use simple and clear instuctions and providing images of  the tools that we have to use. Print the manual for every pupil and advise to have it with them in the computer lab.
Slide3. Evaluation: Ask  pupils to evaluate their work and point the level of difficulties they fount to complete this task
Slides4-8. Manual: How to import and replace symbols in MS Office Word (pages 4-8)

About chosen poem! I am not so keen to make a precise translation of the poem but below i am trying to give the meaning so to be understandable.
I would prefer the sea
my school to be
and as school uniform
to wear my swimsuit

write to shingle
instead of paper
and use algae
instead of staple

In the sand
i would write my spelling
and have my errors
along waving

swan boats
would be my teachers
by sailling me every day
a tour of the Erth


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