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Gelmini Reform

The “new minister” of the school  Gelmini, in addition to voting behavior, the opinion expressed in numbers and the teaching of civic education, provides the single teacher for primary schools and extension of time for the use of books: schools must adopt the texts by publishers who are committed to keeping the content unchanged for five years. One teacher and books were introduced to surprise. In most classes will work with a time of 24 hours per week This rule is intended to open a harsh confrontation with the unions, given that could cost, according to an estimate by the Center for the study of the school, as well 83mila seats.
One teacher: the abolition of the single teacher and the introduction of “modules” now has more than twenty years, and since that time teachers have gradually specialist who in science, who in  literary. Hit restore the scheme “one teacher per class,” measure questionable in itself, would force teachers who have spent years to sharpen their teaching techniques on a subject to teach all of a sudden. With a possible lowering of the quality of teaching
Classes more numerous: The cuts will certainly translate into an increase in the number of students per class, through the merger of existing ones. Affolate more classes, which would be more difficult to maintain the discipline that give due attention to each student.

Gelmini  reform no shared by teachers, parents, the Italian population is causing serious movements of protest in Italy, as we can see in the video belove.
At my school we are discussing and organizing forms of protest against the reform Gelmini
The bodies of our Institute approved a DOCUMENT ON PUBLIC SCHOOL clarifying the thought of teaching about the novelty introduced by the reform Gelmini.
The video below shows some forms of protest made in my school and my country against the Reformation Gelmini
Despite the strong popular opposition, the government adopted the reform Gelmini .

The day after the approval of the order of 30 October, unions, teachers, politicians, head teachers, parents and students realize in Rome a great event to protest against the overbearing attitude of the government


15 Responses

  1. In my country, Greece, old teaching methods have been bad mouthed for a number of years but only few years ago some new teaching approaches adopted in the new books. In my opinion this was dew to a) the lack of money to spend in education. b) the fact that the body of the teachers don’t like changes. So we can’t say that we have followed the changes made years ago in other European countries as Italy.
    In secondary education the discusion from time to time were centered to the system through which students would be entered to the university (Till now is a closed system fully controlled by the educational ministry) and the teaching of ancient greek .
    So apart from 1970’s establishment of the commonly spoken demotike* as the official language for administration and education, we didnt have evolutaniory changes.
    About Gelmini’s proposal i would say that is reasonble because pupils in this age need a constant teacher in class but of course for some subjects as music or english, expertized teachers should be placed to school.

    *wikipedia: about the Greek language question (Greek: γλωσσικό ζήτημα, short: το γλωσσικό) was a dispute discussing the question whether the language of the Greek people (Dimotiki) or an archaic imitation of Ancient Greek (Katharevousa) should be the official language of the Greek nation. It was a highly controversial topic in the 19th and 20th centuries and was finally resolved in 1976, when Dimotiki was made the official language.

  2. It is highly remarkable that in the downing of our educational system reformation, I read articles that are thoughtful about the latests reformations in education for example the article about
    “The French Education System : Should We Go Back to the Good Old Methods ?”
    ….Confronted with failure in the school system, the promoters of old school methods are gaining ground. Without really convincing the teaching world …read this article

  3. Zoe thanks for your ideas. in Italy we live the introdution of reform Gelmini as a hard thing to understating and accept. In Italy we teachers give great importance to elements such as the reflection metacognitiva in learning, the unity of knowledge, the equal value of all disciplines that only a plurality of teachers can achieve. The presence of more teachers involved in the same group enriches the classroom teaching because this is based on confrontation and cooperation. Even cases of children with problems are better solved if there are more teachers that occupy of them. The presence of more teachers to ensure each child to be followed better and helped in its difficulties. Not forgetting that the teacher is a person with their own predispositions and interests. Such as the teacher tries to be neutral, however, implicitly emerge and influence the formation of children. I attended elementary school in the’70s when Italy was the only teacher. I remember that children less brave were not helped so well and were often marginalized. The school was selective. I remember that my teacher loved the subjects literary and hated math. His hatred for mathematics has also influenced me. I also like her I hated math until they find themselves having to teach in primary school I discovered that it was a discipline which I liked. The love of my teacher for literary material and its lack of inclination for math-science subjects has affected the choices that I have taken in my life. Team teaching with the mandate the teaching of subjects taught at several makes sure that each specializes in a more congenial and he transmits enthusiasm and love for their discipline toall children.
    As for a return to old methods of education I think that our educational history is full of ideas and theories that even if they belong to the past should be rediscovered and reassessed. There also forgotten that education today is of a certain permissiveness that led to phenomena such as bullying at school or deviance in society. Would be desirable to restore some elements of the past. based on due consideration of rules and prohibitions. The rules and prohibitions, as have demonstrated outstanding educators become behavioral code that guides the person for life. With regard to the overall method of teaching reading and writing have long taught many Italians are not the only effective method overall and have taken a mixed approach. But this matter we will discuss in future

  4. for me the reform of the gelmini,is very good. goodbye from F. Marietti

  5. E’ stata una cosa molto intellettuale questa, da parte della signora Gelmini. La approviamo in molti qui in toscana, anche se sempre in molti non la pensano così. cordiali saluti
    Marco La Rocca

  6. What are you saying? In Italy we’re almost experiencing a revolution. Naturally if you see the TV it appears all OK.

    Italians, this is dictature, RIOT!

  7. Trials and appeals historical
    “Let’s say, so abstract, that there is a party in power, a dominant party, but wants to formally respect the Constitution, does not want to infringe on the substance. He does not want to make the march on Rome and in turn the classroom Accommodation for the handpieces, but wants to establish, without opinion, a larvata dictatorship.
    So, what do to seize the schools and to transform schools into state schools party? We realize that schools are failing state to be impartial. There is some resistance in those schools there is always, even under fascism, there was. Then the dominant party follows another road (it’s all theoretical hypothesis, intendiamoci). She began to neglect the public schools, to discredit, for uranium. Let it anemizzino and begins to encourage private schools. Not all private schools. The schools of his party, that party. And then all the treatments begin to go to these private schools. Cure of money and previlegi. It even begins to advise children to go to these schools, because basically they say are better than those of the state. And perhaps give prizes, as now I will tell you, or proposes to give prizes to those citizens who are willing to send their children to schools instead of public to private schools. A “those” private schools. The tests are easier, you study and you can not better. So the school becomes a school previlegiata.
    The dominant party can not transform schools openly state party schools, send ruin in state schools to give primacy to private schools. Attention, friends, in this conference this is the point that we need to discuss. Attention, this is the recipe. We must keep an eye on this low chefs cooking. The operation is done in three ways: I ve already said, ruining the schools in the state. Let go to ruin. Impoverish their budgets. Ignore their needs. Mitigate the supervision and control over private schools. Do not check its seriousness. Let you teach teachers who do not have the minimum qualifications for teaching. Let the exams are burlette. Giving money to private schools public. This is the point. Giving money to private schools public. ”
    Speech delivered by Piero Calamandrei III at a congress of the National Defense School, in Rome on 11 February 1950

  8. Dear colleagues thanks for your contribution and sharing with us your thoughts.

  9. Nella Polonia anche abbiamo una donna come ministro della educazione e anche ella propone i cambiamenti: introdurre i bambini six years old a scuola ed aumentare il orario dei insegnanti ( ora 18 ore didattiche nella settimana ). Nelle primi tre classe gli allunni hanno uno l’insegnante ad eccezione di linguagio straniero.

  10. Ewa ciao
    In Grecia alla scuola primaria, dobbiamo fare 25 ore di lezioni per settimana – dopo pero di aver completato certi anni di lavoro si minora , Io con 15 anni impiego , ho 24 ore di insegnamento,

  11. Si sa che ormai da anni ogni governo vuole lasciare la sua impronta sulla scuola. Tutti i ministri amano cambiare qualcosa solo ed esclusivamente alla scuola primaria. Tante volte mi sono chiesta il perchè e non riesco a trovare una risposta. Nel passato, comunque, tanto accanimento non c’era stato. Negli ultimi dieci anni è scoppiata la guerra. la riforma Berlinguer è rimasta nel cassetto. La Riforma Moratti viene applicata in tutto o in parte in quasi tutte le scuole italiane. Con le nuove indicazioni del ministro Fioroni e la tecnica del cacciavite si cerca di correggere alcuni danni della Moratti. La Gelmini RIFORMA. Questa non è una riforma, è solo una mannaia tagliaposti di lavoro!!!! E PER L’ENNESIMA VOLTA SI COLPISCE LA SCUOLA PRIMARIA. Quale modello di scuola ne uscirà fuori? Boh!!!!

  12. Ringrazio tutti coloro che hanno offerto il loro gentile contributo di idee e d opinioni relative alla riforma Gelmini. Io condivido perfettamente molte cose che sono state dette durante i vostri interventi.
    Ogni governo che si avvicenda in Italia è portatore di una propria ideologia scolastica che si sente in dovere di attuare partendo proprio dal settore che in Italia funziona meglio: la scuola primaria. Noi insegnanti che esercitiamo “la nostra missione “in questa scuola siamo costretti a sobbarcarci i tentativi riformistici ora di questo ora di quell’altro governo. A questo punto mi sorgono spontanee alcune domande. La nostra storia pedagogica è piena di insigni studiosi che hanno elaborato egregie teorie pedagogiche, psicologiche, ecc. E’ possibile che l’ideologia politica debba prevalere sulle vere ragioni pedagogiche che al contrario dovrebbero essere alla base della ragion d’essere della scuola? Fino a quando noi insegnanti di Scuola primaria siamo costretti a rivedere e modificare il nostro modo di lavorare per seguire i vari tentativi riformistici dei vari gruppi che si succedono al potere? Perchè i vari governi italiani non concentrano la loro attenzione su quei settori scolastici che realmente necessitano di essere adeguati alle esigenze della società attuale e lascino che gli altri funzioni in pace? Io spero che qualche persona veramente importante legga questo mio commento e riesca ad venire incontro con la sua azione ed il suo ruolo a quelle che sono le reali necessità della scuola italiana contemporanea.
    Per quanto riguarda la collaborazione con le scuole partners spero questa esperienza ci abbia dato modo di riflettere su alcune importanti differenze tra la scuola italiana e quella greca e polacca e, a parte il coinvolgimento indiretto delle colleghe straniere in questo triste momento della storia della scuola primaria italiana, sia stato motivo di arricchimento reciproco.
    Un caro saluto Maria Teresa

  13. I’m an Italian kid. I attend the forth year at Morea High School and I agree fully with this article. This reform isn’t just the umpteenth proof of an overbearing way to behave by the government. I think it’s also the demonstration that Gelmini doesn’t know at all italian school situation. We have very bad-organized proggrams of studies, a big number of schools are lapse and sometimes even teachers are unskilled and my dear Gelmini thinks just to cut money, to make school more technical and to add some little foolish modification to a system who need to be changed at all. If I were politicians or if I had the power to decide I would make school ministers visti schools and realizing the actual situations before scribbling senseless reform.

  14. Antonio thanks for your contribution. Unfortunatelly those who make decisions for us ,students and educators ,little do the concern about our efforts for a better education

  15. я считаю: превосходно..

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