eTwinning story

An eTwinning story starts here. Be pacient till February that will come to end.

About the story

This story is based on Maria’s T Carrieri idea to create a common story. We dont know yet the plot as the kids will define it in their schools. The main idea yet for now is to present the collaboration through children’s eyes and make a booklet with their paintings. As it is shown in the first pages the drawings of Rionero in Vulture school pupil’s has been prossesed in a computer application and distributed to layers so they can be used in different backgrounds and places. Responsible for the recreation of images in C.A.D application is Abrazi Zoe. The teachers  work on school tasks. The painters  all of our pupils

Mario and Teresa seek for new experiences

In Greece Marina has the same wish

In Italy

In Italy eTime will help children travel

eTime will take them to Greece

eTime will take them to Greece


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