eTwinning journey in Poland

Tola and Bolek with pupils

Tola and Bolek with pupils

We would like to introduce Polish childern heroes from the past. They were three small pupils, two boys Bolek & Lolek and a girl Tola. The animated film was made in 70s, rather old.
Let’s have a look at SUMMER TRACKS

It will be interesting to invite heroes from the past to our eTwinning story. They will be the best eTwinning guides for our Greek and Italian friends. They will show arround, reccomend some interesting places in Poland, visit Brussels. To be continued …

Hope to take them to Prague 🙂


4 Responses

  1. An excellent idea to get in on Twinningj journey this film. It’s very appropriate , not only to polish pupils, I think.

  2. I remember this cartoons from my school age.
    To implement them to the story should be painted by pupils

  3. Pupils will “take” them for a trip and paint the report.

  4. will be very nice -:

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