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Our old school

The school officially opened in 1907

School play in 1951

The school celebrated the Royal Golden Jubilee in 2002


Bournemouth Park Primary 2008

The main entrance

Our P.E. Hall

A recent addition to the school facilities.  The ‘All Weather Pitch’ used for P.E. lessons, football, basketball and rounders

The stage setting for our Key Stage 1 Christmas show

Notes taken from the official school log

This taken from the official log book of the school and is the record of the opening of the school in 1907.

Aug.31st. 1907

Formal opening of school

This school was formally declared open by the Mayor

( Counc . W. King) assisted by the mayoress, at 3.15 pm on Saturday. August 31st 1907 .Counc. Colin Campbell J.P chairman of the education committee presiding over a large and respresentative audience. The proceedings were held in the central hall of the senior department which had been prepared for the meeting by the teachers in that school. Thanks are due to Counc. Allen for the use of a carpet for the platform and for the flower and shrub decorations. Alderman Barrows gave an interesting account respecting the proposed working of the new school and introduced Miss. Watson as Infant Mistress and Miss. Robb as Head Mistress of the senior mixed department. Reverant .James . B.A Pastor of Clifftown Congregational Church conducted prayer.Counc. Leaney made a statement as to cost and accommodation of the building vote of thanks to the mayor was proposedby W.Gregson . esquire who spoke of the benefits of co-education of the sexes, and the vote being seconded by counc Allen, the audience marked their appreciation of the honour of the Mayors visit by applause a choir of girls led the singing of the hymns and Miss May Richards presided at the piano as a memento of his visit the Mayor promised to present a picture to each Head Teacher for school decoration.

Sept 2nd

This school was opened for admission of children today. The following teachers were present.

Miss Robb Head Mistress

J Lindsay L.L.A Assistant, Cert Trained

N.M. Inbosh Assistant, Cert Trained

M Runacres Assistant, Certificated

L. Chalk Assistant, Certificated

L Dermott Assistant, Certificated

F Burrows Assistant, Certificated

C Sabine Assistant, Certificated

W Sharland Assistant, Certificated

The children admitted consisted of 213 boys and 222 girls, making a total of 425. The accommodation of this Department is 430.

Our school in the future

 Our year five pupils considered what our school may look like in the next 100 years

Bournemouth Park Junior School Magazine

Bournemouth Park Primary Celebrated the Queens Silver Jubilee in 1977 producing a magazine to mark the occasion

Bournemouth Park Junior School Magazine

Marking the Celebration of the Silver Jubilee

Before Bournemouth Park became a primary, the infant and junior school were separate buildings.  Bournemouth Park Junior School produced a magazine celebrating the Queens Silver Jubilee, (25 year reign as Queen of England).

Simon Ridgwell (3rd year) wrote a poem about the Jubilee.  Here is the poem;






The Queen’s twenty- fifth,

And what a gift,

The street parties will sing,

And it will bring

Joy to the Queen,

And she will live

All through the days-

Long live the Queen.



Richard Wood (2nd year) wrote a poem.


I am up in the trees

When a man I see,

He has a letter for me,

What can it be?


I opened and read

Good news and bad,

My father is dead,

I am the Queen, it said.

And I must be brave,

And be strong,

Although I’m sad,

To cry would be wrong.


Other articles included in the magazine were:


A timeline about what’s been happening, by Paul Merry (2nd year).

Sharon Geary (4th year) wrote about the crown jewels.

Keith Britton (4th year) wrote a quiz about Kings and Queen’s.

Tracy Smith (4th year) wrote about Elizabeth the first.

Shane Hiller (3 rd year) wrote about Everest conquered.

Helen Fowle (1st year) wrote about the Queen’s head.
Diane Lawrence (3rd year) wrote about organising the Jubilee.


Paul Bradly (4th year) wrote about the Royal Yacht.