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Bean story

Bean story

After seeing the   video of Bean Story poland pupils reproduce the story in a creative way using the ICT tools.


Christmas wishes


This nativity play was produced and performed by our pupils with support of the local priest. Pupils, teachers and parents, all together, gathered in front of a small stage. They came to watch and listen an authentic Bible-based Christmas play centered around the events that took place before and after the birth of Christ.

eTwinning journey in Poland

Tola and Bolek with pupils

Tola and Bolek with pupils

We would like to introduce Polish childern heroes from the past. They were three small pupils, two boys Bolek & Lolek and a girl Tola. The animated film was made in 70s, rather old.
Let’s have a look at SUMMER TRACKS

It will be interesting to invite heroes from the past to our eTwinning story. They will be the best eTwinning guides for our Greek and Italian friends. They will show arround, reccomend some interesting places in Poland, visit Brussels. To be continued …

Hope to take them to Prague 🙂

The last day at the Primary School in Uciechów

The last day at the Primary School in Uciechów was not just a last day at school and beginning of summer holidays. It was a very sad day, the last one for all pupils and teachers, the last one at all.

The Primary School in Uciechów has been closed. It means pupils will not come here on the first day of September, they’ll start a new year somewhere else.

GOOD LUCK to all of you, my dear little friends.

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Grand Prix MTB – I love my bike

Physical activities are important not only for adults but espacially for young children.

Pupils from our school love their bikes, most of them come to school by bike. There is a Bike Club in the school where children can develop their skills.

You can watch our pupils in a nearby city – Bielawa during their competitions.

School trips

The beginning of summer is a very special school time when pupils explore their cpuntry and learn about its history visiting authentic historical places. Educational history lessons are organized at museums.

This year pupils visited the Czocha Castle which is situated in the south-west part of Poland. The castle was built in the 13th century by a Czech King Waclaw II. The medieval atmosphere, the castle museum guaratee the best history lesson for pupils. 
watch it here:
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Scraps of Love.

In Poland Mother’s Day is always celebrated on 26th of May and each year children try to prepare something unusual for their Mums.

This year, the first form pupils and their teacher Iwona prepared a very unusual gift – self-written poems. These poems had been printed and handed to mothers during a very special poetry evening.

In the enclosed WORD document you can find all of them, of course in Polish.